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The G- Glow TM Transformational 3 Day Liquid Juice Feast

Welcome G-Glow Goddesses and Warriors to my G-Glow TM all liquid Organic, fresh pressed juice cleanse. This customized 3 day cleanse has been a tried and true fast that I have perfected over the last 10 years at my private practice. I have successfully guided hundreds of men and woman through this exact cleanse, helping my clients achieve optimum health,weight, vitality & rejuvenation with this gentle but powerful cleansing fast.  

The G-Glow TM is Approved by New York Time Best Selling author of "The Fat Flush" & "Zapped, Dr Ann Louise Gittleman PhD.

What does Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman say about the G-Glow TM cleanse? 
"The 3 day transformational G-Glow cleanse has been lovingly and meticulously created by Ami Beach Shadle, my highly esteemed health and beauty associate.  Not only are the organic juices extracted with the most effective method for enzyme and phytonutrient potency. Each juice has been specifically chosen for the specific time of day and every and every detail was taken into consideration when creating this magnificent cleanse.  The end result? Clearer thinking, a cleaner body with luminous spirits that overcome the environmental challenges of the modern day.  Brava Detox Diva, Brava".

What can I expect from this experience? 

Ami will provide you with everything you need in order to successfully complete the fast in its entirety.
For example if you are signed up for our most popular 3 day juice cleanse, you will pick up all the fresh pressed custom juice elixers for the 3 days at the same time. The juices are thoughtfully packaged in air tight glass ball mason jars to ensure maximum freshness from the organic fruits and vegetables. The juices are extracted with a hydrolic juice press that provides the maximum freshness and nutrient density and that allows the juices to stay fresh in the refrigerator for the length of your cleanse without losing any of the nutrient content.
G-Glow 5 & 7 day cleanses are also available

 A Delicious sampling of your juice feast, each more delish than the next

 Above is the the "I AM LOVE" mid day elixer, pure light and sunshine in glass made from organic carrot, beet, aloe vera, fresh ginger root, cell food and more...

The Fresh pressed Organic juices are custom mixed with the medicinal enhancers ie: (collodial silver, oxygen, aloe vera, cell food ect) and blended in such as way to stabilize your blood sugar level and allow you to get through the cleanse with ease & grace. The juices are absolutely delicious and you will find each one satisfying and hydrating. You will have 4, 16 oz juices per day for the three day period. You will be provided with an afternoon Chinese Detox tea and you bedtime bowel cleansing tea along with easy to follow instructions which as as easy to follow as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...You will not even have to think about anything on this cleanse other than giving yourself permission to take the time to nurture and heal yourself.

Examples of the Custom juices: ( full ingredients not listed here)

1) Good Morning Master Tonic: Organic Lemon,, Aloe Vera Cayenne, Collodial Silver, Maple Syrup, Cell food

2) I AM LOVE: Organic celery Juice, Cucumber, Kale, Lime, Apple, Pear, Ginger root, Zeolite

3) I AM VIBRANT: Organic Carrot, Celery Apple, Ginger root, Cell Food, Ionic minerals

4) Green Goddess; Mega greens, Alfalfa sprout, Celery, spinach, Hawaiian Spiralina, Pineapple, Parsley

Testimonial 11/31/2011 from  Cherie R. from NYC NY:
"As a raw food chef myself, I feel I know a lot about health, wellness and nutrition so when I came across Ami Beach Shadle aka "Detox Diva" I knew she was the real deal.  This is the third time I completed the G-Glow cleanse and all's I can say is that I truly have the G-glow from the inside out.  My skin. complexion & eyes have such clarity and while I didn't do the cleanse for weight loss, i lost
8 pounds around my mid- section.  I feel wonderful & look amazing.  I have done juice cleanses from NYC to LA and honestly feel the G-Glow is an incredible value on  many levels. I have turned all of my friends in the city to this GEM of a cleanse, go on get your G glow on too, there is no better time than now!!"

Testimonial 12/16/11 from Mandy Holmes New Haven CT:
"I have done the Blue Print Cleanse, Organic Avenues Cleanse and several others and Ami's G GLOW is seriously the best tasting and most effective juice cleanse I have ever done. I got through the 3 days effortlessly and dropped 8 pounds which I have never gained back. Ami aka Detox Diva Rocks and supported me and inspired me every step on the way. Thank G Glow next time I want to try the 5 day."

Testimonial 10/13/11 James Forbes from Glastonbury CT:
"I never have done anything like this before and was sure I wouldn't be able to do it. I was afraid the juices would be unpleasant and that I would die from starvation but this cleanse really struck me my surprise. My the end of the three days I fell in love with each and every drink. All of them delicious in their own way and I felt to satisfied and proud of myself for being able to complete the cleanse. It was great have the email support from Ami and I felt like she was there routing for me. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone and have really noticed the difference in my skin, sleeping and energy levels after I was done. I give the experience a 10 because it was so easy to do and I had such great results."

Testimonial 04/04/12 Chris R, Boston MA:
"I recently moved to CT from the Boston area and went to G-Zen restaurant in Branford. I fortunately saw the card about the G-Glow cleanse and I knew right about it was something I needed to try. I couldn't believe it took me 41 years to have the courage to finally try an all liquid juice fast. I have a food addiction and it seemed like something I would never be able to do. This experience blew all my expectations and I feel proud of myself for completing it. Not only do I feel good about myself, but I actually have developed a new relationship to food since doing the fast and a new outlook on my health. I want to encourage everyone who is contemplating it to JUST DO IT!. The juices are wonderful, its so easy and the results speak for themselves.  I am a believer in the G-Glow and felt completely safe in Ami's hands."

What Kind of Benefits will I get from a all juice fast?

* Reboot metabolism & immune system

* Lose weight and stimulation of better digestion

* Increases Energy

* Mental clarity

* Cellular detoxification of blood & organs

* Improve skin clarity and complexion

* Improved assimilation and elimination

By allowing your body & digestion to shut down for 3 or more days giving it nothing but Organic, fresh pressed juices from only fruits & green vegetable and avoiding fat, protein and food - your body has a rare opportunity to begin to heal itself and focus primarily on bringing itself back into true balance. The body has an innate way of healing itself when given any chance it can, so this is a perfect excuse to listen.

How much does it cost for the 3 day Juice Feast?

$200 Plus Tax, Cash or Credit Card. This is an introductory price and will go up at some point in near future so please take advantage of this gift of health.Prepayment is required to reserve your space via check or credit card. We also require up to a weeks notice to pre order your cleanse so please call 860-989-5020 to reserve the next slot available.

How Much For the 3 day Juice feast with text and email support with Ami?

$240 Plus tax.  This is an incredible value as Ami will be there to answer any questions, concerns or give you her expertise through the cleanse if you find you need it.  Just knowing she is available for you and there to support you through your fast is HUGE comfort to people. Whether it is your first fast or 10th, having a support system in place with a detoxification specialist is very important for the success of your fast.

How much is a 5 or 7 day Cleanse?? 
It is the cost of the 3 day cleanse plus an additional $60  per day for how ever many days you  decide upon.

How much is a single day fast? 
$65  A single day a week is a great way to give the body a rest by juicing for just one full day on our live and nutrient dense fresh pressed juices
 Where do I pick up my cleanse?
The G-glow cleanse is generally picked up in Branford at G-Zen at 2 East Main Street at a specified time. We do offer a pick up in Durham as well which can be arranged at no charge.
For other delivery/drop offs an additional fee will be determined based on where it is going and distance. Please inquire when you call to book and we will quote you with a delivery fee.

Can I reuse my bottles the next time?
Absolutely, we love people that recycle and reuse their mason jars for the next fast and give a small discount or gift for anyone who brings their bottle back to reuse.

How often can I do this cleansing fast?
It is highly beneficial to complete some type of liquid fast at least once a season for optimal

I have never fasted before, is there extra support or guidance available to help me after the cleanse?
Yes, Ami offers phone sessions or in person sessions either before, during or after the cleanse for an additional charge depending what the client needs. If you need help guiding you with how to stay on the healthy path after completing the cleanse, you can book individual half hour and hour sessions.

What is the contact info for me to reserve my slot and book the cleanse?

Contact Ami @ 860-989-5020 or email her @ colonics4life@aol.com and please write G-Glow in the subject heading. She will respond promptly to get you booked.

Are there other Detox services, nutritional programs or Holistic therapies that would be beneficial before or after the cleanse to help give me a deeper detox and help me get on track with my health?
Yes, please contact Ami or go to www.colonics4life.com or www.mydetoxdiva.com to see a list of holistic therapies available including:


Infrared Sauna Treatments

Ionic Footbath

Rife Energy

Ear candling

One on One Holistic Health consultation

Nutritional support and guidance


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